Resource efficiency

The aim of this session topic is to provide knowledge for the management of natural resources that strives towards achieving a sustainable balance between limited resources and the needs of society and the economy.

Understanding of ecosystems and their role in sustaining the economy and decision making

Society's actions risk triggering changes in the environment that are irreversible and which alter the character of ecosystems. It is vital to anticipate these risks by assessing, monitoring and forecasting the impact of human activities on the environment, and environmental changes on human well-being through the delivery of ecosystem services. This could include research into global environmental monitoring and observation systems. Presentations should focus on how ecosystems function and react to anthropogenic impacts, how they can be restored, and how this will affect economies and human well-being. The session will also investigate solutions for addressing resource challenges.

Ensuring the sustainable supply of raw materials

The European Union is highly dependent on imports of metallic minerals and is totally import dependent for some critical raw materials, increasingly driven by emerging economies. It is necessary to develop solutions for the cost-effective and environmentally friendly exploration, extraction, processing, recycling and recovery of raw materials and for their substitution by economically attractive alternatives with a lower environmental impact.