Green Economy – Eco-innovation

Decoupling growth from the use of natural resources requires structural changes in how such resources are used, re-used and managed, while safeguarding our environment. Eco-innovations have the potential to to reduce pressure on the environment, increase resource efficiency, and if cleverly used may put Europe on the path to a resource and energy efficient economy. Eco-innovation could create opportunities for growth and jobs, and may increase European competitiveness within the global market.

Strengthen eco-innovative technologies

Presentations will underpin a more circular economy, while reducing environmental impacts and taking account of rebound effects on the environment. The aim will be to improve resource efficiency along the value chain.

Green economy and policies

Structural and institutional changes are needed to enable the transition towards a green economy. papers should address the main barriers to societal and market change. It is also necessary to develop robust indicators to support and assess the transition towards a green economy and the effectiveness of relevant policy options. choices