Special Sessions

Auditorium 2

October 3rd, 15.30-17.10: LIAISE – FP7 NoE for an improved use of impact assessment in policy development 



Tarja Söderman et al. 

The LIAISE approach to co-designing knowledge on impact assessment 

Onno Roosenschoon et al. 

The shared IA toolbox 

Nadia Glæsner et al. 

Impact assessment of soil protection policies in Europe 

Sander Janssen et al.  

Impact assessment for Sustainable development: a vision for future development 

Auditorium 4

October 3rd, 15.30-17.10: Rebound effects - New perspectives on a phenomenon known for almost 150 years 



Martin Soland

Environmental responsibility denial due to optimism in green technology 

Hans Jakob Walnum

Interdisciplinary understanding of macro-rebound effects

Hans Marth & Anja Peters 

Developing a policy guideline for rebound effects 

Christian Sartorius & Matthias Pfaff 

Measuring Macroeconomic Rebound Effects for Non-energetic Resources 

Anja Peters et al.

Exploring and analyzing relevance and psychological drivers of rebound effects 

Auditorium 5

October 3rd, 15.30-17.10: FP7 Afromaison : how to plan, play & prompt meso-institutions for INRM  




Nils Ferrand et al.

Participatory planning and role playing games for multilevel INRM in Africa 

R. Ducrot et al.

Conditions and results of a joint monitoring and evaluation protocol in 5 countries 

Kabaseke et al.

The Rwenzori Mountain case (UG): A pilot for large scale social extension, exploration and institutionalization of a change strategy for Integrated Natural Resource Management from grass root to regional level”

Diallo Mori 

A way to plan, play, assess and monitor a participative integrated natural resource management (INRM) in Inner Niger Delta (IND) in general and three (3) municipalities level in particular in the frame of FP7 AFROMAISON.