Resource efficiency

Auditorium 3

October 3rd, 13.30-15.10: Resources 1



Claus Ditlefsen et al.

Ground Source heating and cooling -elements in a sustainable energy supply 

Lydia Lamorgese & Davide Geneletti

Addressing equity in land use decisions: a case study in the Oil and Gas sector

Thomas Kuhn et al. 

Energy policy, food, and climate change - a numerical simulation approach

Adrian R. Tan et al. 

Analysing (in)efficiencies in the use of raw materials and underlying drivers – what are existing knowledge gaps and research needs? 

Monica Garnier et al.

Climate change and water. Identification of the research needs in Europe

October 3rd, 15.30-17.10: Resources 2



Michele Seghetta et al.

Circular resource flows from algae production

Jens Kjerulf Petersen et al.

Mussel production to utilize excess nutrients in fjords – is it cost-costeffective as mitigation measure?  

Anne Trémier et al.

Eco-efficient post treatment of digestate from single and mixed biogas plants 

Kristian Spilling et al.

The potential of using algae as feedstock for biofuel, a Nordic perspective

Ib Johannsen 

Getting value out of biomass, High value chemicals from lignocellulosis

October 4th 9-10:40: Ecosystem services 1



Rob Alkemade & Tanya Lazarova 

Consequences of EU environmental policies for ecosystem service provision elsewhere 

Christian Schleyer & Jennifer Hauck 

The ecosystem services concept in EU policies: A review of regulatory frameworks  

Eeva Primmer et al. 

How does governance contribute to conservation of biodiversity and ecosystem services: a conceptual model of knowledge use and the effects of arguments and policies 

Suvi Borgström & Jukka Similä

Developing regulatory frameworks for green infrastructure: issues to be addressed

Joachim Maes

Mapping and assessment of ecosystems and their services: Developing a knowledge base for mainstreaming ecosystem services into EU policies.

October 4th 11-12:40: Ecosystem services 2



Katrine Grace Turner et al. 

The socio-ecological scales of ecosystem service bundles in Denmark

Marianne Zandersen et al. 

Climate regulating service – A spatial analysis assessing the effectiveness and economic efficiency of ecosystem service based management 

Anders Højgård Petersen et al.  

Biodiversity and ecosystem services in Danish forests: Optimizing multiple objectives 

Suzanne Elizabeth Vedel et al.

Valuing the benefits and costs of provision of ecosystem services from Danish forests

Rob Brooker et al. 

The ecosystem approach: improving resource use & sustaining ecosystem services


October 3rd 17.10-18:15 Poster session



Lærke Thorling & Birgitte Hansen 

Strategies for knowledge based protection of the Danish drinking water resources 

Berit Hasler et al. 

Aquatic ecosystems services in Denmark – spatial mapping of ecosystem services and creation of green economic accounting 

Anders Johansen et al. 

Impact of digestates from anaerobically digested cattle slurry and plant materials on soil microbial community

M. Probonas et al.  

Illegal use of poisoned baits and their effects on biodiversity in Crete, Greece