Auditorium 1

October 3rd, 13.30-15.10: Adaptation 1



Paula A. Harrison et al.

The potential for adaptation to offset the cross-sectoral impacts of climate change on European natural resource sectors 

Francesco Bosello et al.

Identifying key challenges to developing climate adaptation strategies in Europe

Tim Taylor et al.

Towards a Marginal Adaptation Cost Curve for Health: A critical synthesis

Oliver Gebhardt et al.

Decision support for climate change adaptation under uncertainty 

Britta Bockhorn et al. 

Challenges for stormwater infiltration in urban areas 

October 3rd, 15.30-17.10: (BASE Special session)



Duncan Russel et al.   

A BASE project analysis of EU Member State Climate Change Adaptation Strategies: Comparing approaches and drawing lessons 

Francesco Bosello et al. 

Integrating top-down and bottom-up perspectives in adaptation assessment

Xin Li et al.  

BASE: A robust strategy for adaptation case study research  

Gil Penha-Lopes et al. 

Case-Studies - their potential and challenges within BASE project 

Ad Jeuken et al.   

BASE: integrated adaptation pathways at EU level - how to combine case data with models 

October 4th 9-10:40: Adaptation 2



Richard J.T. Klein & Sirkku Juhola

A Framework for Nordic Actor-Oriented Climate Adaptation Research

Mikael Hildén et al.  

A BASE-analysis of adaptation in coastal areas – what can EU policies do? 

Sabine Weiland et al.  

The EU climate adaptation strategy: An evaluation of its ‘programme theory’ 

Helle Ørsted Nielsen et al.   

How will the EU climate adaptation strategy affect EU agricultural policies? 

Ana Iglesias et al.

Water for people and for the environment: Linking modelling and participatory approaches to define adaptation in the Tagus basin, Iberian Peninsula  

October 4th 11-12:40: Adaptation 3



Maria J. Polo & Miguel A. Losada 

Including the human factor in adaptative actions to face climate change 

Grit Martinez et al.

Socio-economic and cultural contingencies in the planning, implementation and transfer of climate adaptation action

Piotr A Werner 

General and particular social vulnerability to natural hazards in Poland 

Felix Riede 

Towards an applied science of past disasters 

Anne Jensen et al.   

Urban adaptation to climate change and differing capacities of cities to adapt 


October 3rd 17.10-18:15 Poster session



Anders Branth Pedersen et al.

Coherent policy instruments for climate change adaptation?

Sabine Weiland et al.

Criteria for evaluating climate adaptation measures: A meta-analysis

Marianne Zandersen & Anne Jensen

Ecosystem-based approaches to Climate Adaptation – possibilities and conflicts in urban areas

David Vačkář et al.

Exploring ecosystem-based approaches to climate change adaptation

Anne Jensen et al.

Institutional barriers and knowledge in local policies to integrate climate adaptation

Rob Brooker et al.

Translocations for conservation during climate change: an adaptation case study

Maria Cecilia Trannin & Garcia, Karina L. 

Universidade Estácio de Sá - Brazil 2020: Contribution to innovative adaptation